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Aug 21, 2005.

Page 3 WARNINGs and CAUTIONs are IMPORTANT arranged like this: WARNING/CAUTION/NOTE WARNING-or-CAUTION Please read this manual and fol- low its. Not a common issue, but you never know what might happen.

It only seems to run with the choke in the on position, is the carburetor fouled and in need of a cleaning? Thanks.

If the connector gets wet, the bike wont run.

Was hoping someone else would have experience with it. Jun 24, 2019 · "In a PW50 with genuine Yam ignition parts, it's the little mystery box that is not the CDI. .

Oct 16, 2016 · There is no float height adjustment on the PW carbs.

Fuel tank cap 1. Then the motor can rev freely and also it'll start with the bar switch in the run position. .

I could not make the spark jump between the wire and the engine fins. maybe the fuel lines between tank and carburator are blocked, maybe the valve from the tank is on the OFF position so put in on thje ON position if needed.

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If it is. These top features make the Yamaha Peewee 50 reputation for being a great learner bike: Fully automatic transmission (twist-and-go throttle is easy to use and lets your kid worry.


Made from aircraft-quality aluminum, the filter is removable, cleanable element for years of service and features an O-ring that seals body for no leaks.
Fuel tank cap 1.

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. com USA Specifications/Technical Details. Fuel level The rear brake lever is located on the To remove the fuel tank cap, turn it Make sure that there is sufficient fuel in left handlebar grip.

OWNER’S MANUAL MANUEL DU PROPRIÉTAIRE BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG PW50 PW50D PW50D1 5PG-28199-8B. Acquired a new to us PW50 for my boy on Thursday. Gasohol con- and. Bitte lesen Sie diese Bedienungsanleitung sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie das Fahrzeug in Betrieb nehmen. 99011-04493-03A June, 2005. These are all easily accessible from the outside and require no major engine work.

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Canada MSRP Price: $ CDN. DESCRIPTION EAU10430 Controls and instruments 1.




The bike will function normally.

That's how it worked on our 2004.