The excessively thick or damaged paper will rub against print nozzles and.


Run a nozzle check to see if any of the print head nozzles are clogged. d.

Click proceed.

To prevent your inkjet printer cartridges from this blockage, follow these tips.

"Cleaning the Inside of the Printer". Clean the machine's printer platen (1) and the area around it, wiping off any scattered ink with a soft, dry, lint-free. Remove one of the cartridges and place it on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up.

When printers leave black marks or smudges on printed pages, it’s because the printing paper is too thick or is curled.

. [Finishing] tab [Advanced Settings] [Expand Print Region and Print] [Off]. Put the paper tray firmly back into the machine.

com%2fissues%2fch000938. Contacting HP for service in all countries/regions except Asia Pacific.

Unplug the machine from the AC power outlet.

Cleaning Inside the Printer (Bottom Plate Cleaning) Note.

My assistant tells me you have black lines when printing. .

) Select Print Settings from the pane pop-up menu. To use the paper support flap, pull out the paper support (1) until it clicks and unfold the paper support flap (2).

Clean the fixing roller.
Clean the fixing roller.
User's Guide (Product Manual).


If so, then replace the fuser unit.

The printer in the video is Canon Pixma MG7720. A margin of 1/4" (5 mm) or less around the edge of paper or 3/8" (10 mm) or less around the edge of envelopes is not printable with the machine. If so, then replace the fuser unit.

(Manual 2-sided/Duplex Printing) Ink is still wet after printing on Glossy Paper and even after ink dries, smudge appears. Using slightly curled paper can ruin a print. Make sure to have margins around the document to print. ) Select Print Settings from the pane pop-up menu. - If there are no smudges or dots on the report, the issue has been resolved. Clean the fixing roller.

Paper from 29 to 43 lbs, labels, and envelopes should be loaded in the MP Tray.

imageRUNNER LBP3560. Roller tracks – an incompatibility problem.


Find manuals for other products.

"Cleaning the Inside of the Printer".

This document covers the following products: Canon imageRUNNER LBP3560.

Today, we show you how to fix those annoying ink / printers problems, so that you no longer get, when printing, your printer leaving smudged pages, lined papers, or distorted printer printouts! So.